Jeremy Johnson

Jeremy Johnson was born and raised in Columbia, SC. Growing up singing in church and heavily influenced by his grandfathers taste for southern and bluegrass gospel music, Jeremy was given his first guitar and began to learn to play. For him learning didn’t necessarily come easy. Starting out “beating on a guitar” on the front pew, he began to learn chords and strum patterns. He moved to the front stage where for the next 10 plus years he played in service 2-3 times per week. In the mid 2000’s after his grandmothers passing, Jeremy, his grandfather, and his Aunt began going to Bill’s Music Shop and Pickin’ Parlor that’s where Jeremy’s love for good bluegrass music began. Being influenced by some of the greats, Bill Wells, Harold Lucas, Hank Prosser, MJ Holden, Ralph Cox, Lewis Price, The Carolina Rebels, The Sugarloaf Mountain Boys, and many other great musicians many of whom have since passed away. Today a Jeremy’s love for bluegrass lives on greater than ever. As a board member of the SCBTMA, youth music influencer and band promoter, founding member of Clemson University Bluegrass and much more, Bluegrass music has become a part of Jeremy’s identity!

Jeremy always says he believes “there will be bluegrass in Heaven!”